Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Spider

Happy spider. That is the name that Logan gave to this eight legged cutie that he made. (with a little help from me)

We actually saw this craft while watching Barney one day. Logan got so excited that I knew he just had to have his own! Being the good mom that I am, I gathered and prepared the supplies for a day when his cousin and friend were going to be over at our house and turned it into a fun group activity! 

For each spider you will need:
*one sheet of black construction paper
*one small piece of white construction paper
*one small piece of red construction paper
*one small piece of any other colored construction paper
*glue stick
*white crayon or colored pencil
*scissors (safety scissors if your child will be doing the cutting)

First you fold the sheet of black construction paper in half. Line the palm of your child's hand (or your hand if you want to make a mama spider) up with the folded edge. Trace around their hand with the white crayon or colored pencil. Cut out the hand print. While the paper is still folded cut off the thumbs. Open the paper and there you have the body of the spider!

I precut the white and colored circles for the eyes and the red mouths out of the construction paper. I had a pile of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Everyone started with the white as the base for the eye, but they chose what sizes they wanted. One of them even did one big eye and one small eye! They then chose what color they wanted the eyes to be and picked out what mouth shape they wanted their spiders to have. Then they all took turns using the glue stick to glue on the faces!

It was such an easy craft and they were all so excited to have their very own happy spiders! They played with them off and on for the rest of the afternoon and then we turned Logan's into a cute decoration to hang on the window for the trick-or-treaters to see on Halloween!

It's amazing how a little construction paper, glue, and imagination can make a toddler so happy!

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