Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mummy Boxes (or as Logan calls them, Mommy Boxes)

These simple to make mummy juice boxes are guaranteed to put a smile on any toddler's face. I can not remember where I got the idea for these. I was at Target shopping and decided I needed a giant bag of multicolored googly eyes to keep on hand. You know, for those moments that you feel you just HAVE to add googly eyes to something. I got home from the store that evening and saw the roll of sticky gauze in the hall closet and right then and there I knew what I was doing with it! Mummys!! but on what? I had also just bought mini juice boxes at the store and thought, why not?! So here's what you need to make 2 mummy boxes.

1 roll of sticky gauze (or regular gauze and some tape)
4 googly eyes
2 juice boxes

wrap one juice box from top to bottom with the gauze. Once you get to the bottom angle the gauze and wrap back up towards the top. Once you get to eye level place the googly eyes on and wrap over the bottom of them and then the top, making sure to leave the eyes showing a little bit. I also left the top unwrapped. If you decide to wrap the top make sure to leave a hole for the straw!

Repeat with second juice box and voila! Two Mummy Boxes!

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