Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mini Fondant Bows (Minnie Mouse)

My niece is having a Minnie Mouse birthday party this weekend and I offered to make the cake. My sister-in-law decided to do a cake and cupcakes. We came up with a cute way for the kids to decorate their own Minnie Mouse cupcakes.  They will already be frosted and ready to go. The kids will each add the ears (mini Oreos) and a bow.

Today was only my 3rd time working with fondant. It's a lot of fun, but definitely time consuming if you aren't used to it. It took me a majority of the afternoon to make 12 little bows for the cupcakes and one big bow for the cake. After I got the hang of it they started to get a little bit easier to create.

I used plain white Wilton fondant and food colorings. I mixed 'rose' and 'red-red' to achieve the color of pink that I wanted. I followed this video on YouTube to figure out the proper bow making technique. Hours later...they were complete!

Make sure to check back this weekend for a look at the finalized cupcakes and cake!

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