Thursday, January 26, 2012

Heart Frame

I got the brilliant idea to use paint sample cards to do art projects from searching for kids activities on the Internet. I found multiple ideas that I loved, but when Steve came home from the goodwill store with a $2 picture frame that said 'LOVE' in the top corner, I immediately knew what I was doing! With Valentine's day less than a month away, a picture frame covered in hearts seemed like the perfect craft project.

 I bought a heart shaped punch at the craft store for $7. I figured it was worth it because I will use it for more projects in the future. On the way home, we stopped at Lowes and picked up some FREE paint sample cards in multiple colors. Logan helped me pick them out.

We came home and gathered everything we would need to put this project together.
  • picture frame
  • heart paper punch
  • paint sample cards in an assortment of colors
  • glue gun with glue sticks
  • decoupage
  • small sponge brush
First, I punched a ton of little hearts out of the paint sample cards. Logan loved helping me with this part. He still asks me all the time if we can punch out some more hearts!

While looking at all of the hearts, I decided I didn't like all of the colors that we chose and I just wanted to do the frame in "Valentine's colors". This made my next step picking out all of the pink, purple, red, white, and gray hearts.

I picked out two of the same color heart to put on either side of the word love and hot glued them onto the frame. I then glued a different color in each corner of the frame. I worked from there filling in all of the empty space with the remaining hearts trying not to put two of the same color too close together.

Once I was finished gluing all of the hearts on, I grabbed the bottle of decoupage and the sponge brush and went to work covering all of the hearts and making an even layer all the way around the frame. On the bottle of decoupage it says to put a layer on the back of whatever you are trying to cover and then stick it to the surface and then put more on top of it to seal it in. I decided it would be too difficult to do that and get all of the hearts in the right place which is why I chose to hot glue them in place and then use the decoupage. I did two coats of the decoupage over the top and those paper hearts aren't going anywhere!
I love the finished product and can't wait until I get this years Valentine cards done so I can stick one in there to display for the holiday! Be on the lookout for that post, coming soon!

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