Saturday, January 28, 2012

Play Dough Balloons

Logan loves to touch EVERYTHING! Based on this observation, I decided to start looking for sensory toys or games that I could make at home. I came across these easy to make play dough balloons while doing some Internet scouring over at Pintrest, again! I followed that blog's link to the original creator of these wonderful Wacky Sacks. When I saw how easy they were to make, I decided to give it a shot.

We made a trip to the dollar store and picked up two packages of four cans of Wonder Dough (looks and feels just like play doh), and a bag of balloons. So for a grand total of $3.16, we got everything we needed to make these, plus some extra dough to play with.

The excitement to make the balloons must have grown overnight because Logan could not wait another minute to make these in the morning. After breakfast, we pulled out the balloons and the Wonder Dough and got to work. First, we broke the dough into smaller pieces. Then I stretched the balloons out as far as I could and had Logan fill them up. He got bored with the filling after the first one so I did the rest on my own while he just played with the other dough.

When we started filling, Logan chose to match the color of dough with the same color balloon. When the only yellow balloon we had broke as I was tying it, I stuffed it into a white balloon. That was when I realized that we could make a swirly balloon. For the last balloon we mixed a few colors of dough together and stuffed it into a white balloon. The pictures don't really do it justice, but Logan was calling it his rainbow pumpkin!

We drew faces on a few of the pumpkins(as Logan was calling them), but left the rainbow one as is.
I think I like these just as much as he does. We have both been playing with them since this morning off and on. They make great little stress reliever balls!

Just a tip: The balloons that we got at the dollar store worked, but weren't very thick. I would recommend buying just a few good ones from a party store. It would come out to about the same price and would probably be easier to work with.
This one is Logan's favorite!

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